Ocean Society of India

The objectives of the Ocean Society of India (OSI) are advancement and dissemination of knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering and allied fields related to oceans. It provides a forum for sharing the knowledge and experience of individuals, scientific institutions and industrial organizations for promoting the said objectives and acts as a link among academic and R&D institutions, national policy making bodies, operational organisations and ocean industries by organizing programs such as courses, lectures, symposia and topical reviews. OSI will also provide periodic and special publications for dissemination of scientific and technical information. The Society is a non-profit organisation solely devoted to academic pursuits in science, engineering, technology and allied fields related to oceans.

The 5th national conference (OSICON-17) will be held at ESSO-NCESS, Thiruvananthapuram during 28-30 Aug 2017. Visit the OSICON 2017 page for details!