OSICON 17 [Conference Brochure]


OSI is extremely happy to invite the community once again to its 5th national conference (OSICON-17) which is scheduled to be held at ESSO-NCESS, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, during 28-30 August 2017.

The focal theme for this conference is “Ocean and Climate Change”. Increasing greenhouse gas concentrations in earth’s atmosphere are having adverse impacts on ocean systems in various ways viz. acidification, rising sea levels, intensifying storms and adverse impact on marine life. The carbon content in ocean is about 50 times that of the atmosphere, and plays a critical role in the carbon cycle and regulates atmospheric carbon levels. OSICON-17 provides a forum to bring together scientists, academicians, researchers, engineers, technologists and all other personnel in the marine related fields to share their knowledge for the benefit of the whole community.

Conference Themes:
. Role of oceans in climate change   
2. Ocean observations and modeling for climate change scenario
3. Indian Ocean Variability and Monsoon  
4. Ocean Technology and Acoustics
5. Ocean Resources and Climate Change  
6. Marine Ecosystems and Bio-geochemistry of Oceans
7. Coastal Processes & Coastal Zone Management  
8. Coastal Hazards & Disaster Management
9. Sedimentology & Mineralogy

Receipt of abstracts: 25 Mar 2017
Acceptance of abstracts and intimation: 5 May 2017